The Parent Company Expands Product Portfolio with Launch of ‘Well by Caliva’ Lotions and Tinctures (CNW Group/TPCO Holding Corp.)

Jay-Z’s The Parent Company Expands Product Portfolio with Launch of ‘Well by Caliva’ Lotions and Tinctures

 TPCO Holding Corp., California’s leading vertically-integrated cannabis company, announces the launch of a new line of wellness products, Well by Caliva. The line offers lotions and tinctures in three categories – Well Balanced, Well Rested and Well Relieved – allowing consumers to pick the products that best cater to their needs.

Launched in August during National Wellness Month, The Parent Company’s new line of wellness focused products seek to meet consumers and their desired effects head on. The launch of the wellness line marks The Parent Company’s first CBD- and THC-based line of self-branded wellness geared products under the Caliva label, Well By Caliva. The line was created with the evolving needs of consumers in mind, with recent data demonstrating that the top reasons for cannabis use overwhelmingly include relaxation, improving sleep quality and pain management1. This year alone, topicals and sublinguals have seen a 10% and 12% increase in revenue2, respectively, as consumers seek out the benefits of cannabis in form factors that they can incorporate into their overall health and wellness regimen for relief and rest.

Well lotions and tinctures have curated formulas to achieve desired states from focus to self-care to rest, with packaging that is labeled accordingly. The line of tinctures includes an option for each desired state (Well Balanced, Well Rested and Well Relieved), while the lotions fall under the brand’s Well Relieved category.

“We are excited to be expanding our wellness category with the release of our line of CBD and THC lotions and tinctures” shared Dennis O’Malley, COO of The Parent Company. “As part of The Parent Company’s mission to provide access and entry points into cannabis, we knew that a wellness line that uses the combination of CBD and THC for more powerful effects would be attractive to consumers. Our new line of Well by Caliva products offer the same high quality that consumers have come to trust from The Parent Company, at an affordable price.”

Well by Caliva lotions are THC rich and come in two forms: Muscle & Joint Lotion and Head, Neck & Shoulder Lotion. Both offer an effective and non-psychoactive formula that consumers can trust. The brand’s Well Relieved Muscle & Joint Lotion offers a blended 1:2 CBD:THC ratio with the addition of clove and frankincense essential oils for a warm, spicy aroma. The Well Relieved Head, Neck & Shoulder Lotion offers the highest THC concentration of any Well by Caliva topical with a 0:1 CBD:THC ratio and calming lavender essential oil. Every 1.7oz bottle of Well lotion contains over 300mg of cannabinoids and retails for $29.50.

Mindfully formulated to be fast-acting and approachable to new consumers on their cannabis journeys, Well by Caliva tinctures are uniquely designed to cater to consumers’ desired effects. The 15mL bottles include 30 doses each and are available in three different CBD:THC ratios for $29 each. Caliva’s Well Relieved CBD-rich formula, with a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio, is perfect for those seeking to enhance their whole body wellness routine. Caliva’s Well Balanced Tincture features a 4:1 CBD:THC ratio to help consumers zero in on the task at hand and Caliva’s Well Rested Tincture, featuring a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio, is a more potent formula designed to help consumers wind down from the day.

Well by Caliva lotions and tinctures are available at Caliva retail stores, via delivery at and on the Caliva app, which is available for download through the Apple App Store. For more information, visit