Seed & Smith Logo

 Seed & Smith, opened its flagship dispensary in Louisville, Colorado this past Saturday, August 28. The opening represents Seed & Smith’s second retail store in the state and will serve as the flagship for the brand as it continues its expansion plan through Colorado over the next twelve months. The new location was celebrated over the weekend with a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring Louisville Mayor Ashley Stolzmann and a grand opening weekend including deals on products and complimentary food, drink and gifts with proof of purchase.

Seed & Smith Louisville offers a contemporary retail experience that reflects designs from beyond the cannabis industry, introducing a new look for the company and bringing key differentiators to Colorado’s legacy market. Called “The General Store,” the front section of the location offers an approachable, lifestyle-focused experience with non-cannabis goods for sale including apparel, coffee table books, high-end smoking accessories and more from coveted brands such as Edie Parker, Topo Designs and Summerland. The area also has iPads and televisions throughout for guests to learn about Seed & Smith’s cultivation operations, grow tours and menu offerings. In the dispensary, located in the back of the store, customers can learn more about Seed & Smith’s product selection, which includes flower, concentrates and infused pre-rolls as well as edibles from other renowned and beloved brands, engage in education and complete purchases.

“The opening of our Louisville flagship dispensary is a massive milestone for Seed & Smith, which has been providing the greater Denver metro area cannabis consumers with superior cannabis products and education since 2016,” said Brooks Lustig, COO of Seed & Smith. “We are excited to bring this new concept to the Colorado market, merging our craft seed-to-sale offerings with a new, refreshing lifestyle shopping experience. We look forward to welcoming customers into our unique space as we expand our presence further across the state and establish Seed & Smith as its leading cannabis brand.”

Colorado’s adult-use and medical cannabis market experienced rapid growth throughout the pandemic and continue to rise moving into 2021. Total cannabis sales grew 26% in 2020, reaching over $2.1 billion with adult-use sales accounting for $1.7 billion. The state reported a combined $561.7 million in adult-use and medical cannabis sales in Q1 2021, a 28% increase from total Q1 2020 sales.

Located at 1413 Hecla Way, Seed & Smith’s new 1,730 sq. ft. flagship dispensary will benefit from its proximity to both Denver and Boulder with a combined population of nearly 1.1 million residents. Seed & Smith Louisville is open from 9am – 10pm every day.