Alixen™ 30 and Alixen™ 100 (CNW Group/Khiron Life Sciences Corp.)

Khiron Registers its First Two Medical Cannabis Products in Peru, Available for Sale Nationwide

 Khiron Life Sciences Corp., announced it has received sanitary registration in Peru for Alixen™ 30 and Alixen™ 100, two CBD-rich products, which represent the Company’s first two registered finished medical cannabis products. As registered medical products, Alixen™ 30 and Alixen™ 100 will be available for distribution through traditional medical channels, including pharmacies, wholesale medical distributors, and dispensaries, greatly expanding product availability while streamlining distribution and prescription delivery.

Currently in Peru, the Company sells magistral preparations, or customized compound formulations, through its exclusive agreement with Farmacia Universal. In contrast, as shelf-ready medical cannabis products, Alixen™ 30™ and Alixen™ 100 will be made widely available, on a non-exclusive basis in the country.  Alixen™ 30 will target indications such as anxiety, insomnia, Parkinson’s Disease, and depression, while Alixen™ 100 will be used in the treatment of epilepsy. The Company also expects to have finished THC products available for commercial distribution in early 2022 to address additional pathologies, including chronic pain. In the interim, the Company will continue to fill high-THC magistral preparation prescriptions in partnership with Farmacia Universal and work toward listing the Company’s registered medical cannabis products in major national pharmacy chains in Peru.

Alvaro Torres, Khiron CEO and Director, comments, “As we look to establish ourselves as the leading B2C medical cannabis company in Latin America, we are extremely proud to have received our first ever registration of medical cannabis products. Khiron-branded registered medical cannabis products from Colombia will be made available in Peru, providing patients with broader access and quicker prescription delivery through traditional distribution channels. Combined with the recent launch of our first Zerenia™ clinic in Peru, we have the pieces in place to expand in Peru and deliver on our Mission of improving patients’ quality of life through medical cannabis.”