Kaló THC Seltzer is now available in Maine.

Kaló Launches New Line Of Fast-Acting THC Seltzers In Maine

 Kaló, announced its entry into the legal cannabis beverage market with a new lineup of THC-infused seltzers launching in Maine. Kaló is adding to its popular lineup of eight hemp-infused seltzers with THC-infused versions in two refreshing flavors: Lemon Lavender and Pomegranate Peach.

“Over the past year, cannabis beverages have become one of the fastest growing categories at dispensaries across America,” said Ken VandeVrede, CEO of Hillview, Kaló’s parent company. “With THC-infused versions of our most popular flavors, we’re responding to consumer demand for a great-tasting, natural and alcohol-free beverage that delivers a fast-acting, feel-good buzz in under five minutes.”

Sold in sleek 12-oz cans and featuring 5 mg of premium THC, Kaló’s THC offering is a sessionable replacement for beer, wine, cocktails, or spiked seltzers – as well an alternative to slow-onset edibles that can take more than 30 minutes to produce effects.  The new THC line extends Kaló’s existing portfolio of popular canned seltzers containing 15 mg of high grade, full-spectrum hemp in eight exotic flavors: Black Cherry, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Ginger Lemonade and Blood Orange Mango, Lemon Lavender, Strawberry Watermelon, Raspberry Lime, and Pomegranate Peach. 

Kaló THC seltzers are only 25 calories, 100% vegan, gluten-free, and contain just five ingredients and three grams of carbs in each can. Most notably, the beverage is formulated with patent-pending, naturally water-soluble whole cannabis plant THC extract. Because of their natural soluble nature, they elicit effects rapidly upon consumption, unlike traditional cannabis and hemp oils that must be processed in the digestive tract before they can be delivered into the body.

The company has partnered with Novel Beverage Co. to launch Kaló THC seltzer in Maine at all 40 dispensaries currently open in the state, with plans to expand to Massachusetts and other markets in the coming months.

“Novel Beverage Co is proud and excited to be a leader in the pioneering class of operators building the THC-infused beverage category. Bringing an alternative to smokable cannabis, high calorie edibles and alcohol to the world of adult consumables is something that motivates us in our daily work,” said Matthew Hawes, CEO and founder of Novel Beverage Co.

He added, “Given the exploding interest in the category, we are now able to choose the partners we work with, and we prioritize partners who share our enthusiasm, who are authentic in their commitment to their brand and who bring an innovation and value through their unique products. We found all those attributes in Kaló and their team. With their proprietary extraction technology and their functional beverage approach, Kaló will bring a new and exciting option to the space.”

Since hitting the market in 2020, Kaló has quickly acquired brand fans and is already considered one of America’s top three hemp-infused sparkling beverages by building a robust retail channel, scaling from one Tier A beverage distribution partnership to 12 in the span of just a year. In addition to Maine, Kaló hemp-infused seltzers can currently be found in these states: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

Kaló, which means “good” in Greek, was created by Hillview, a New Jersey-based, family-owned agricultural technology innovator and medical marijuana company, which provides Kaló with full-spectrum hemp of the highest quality, rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids, vitamins, and nutrients. The founding family has been a leader in the agriculture industry for over 50 years and is the leading greenhouse supplier in the country. Hillview received one of New Jersey’s first-ever hemp cultivation licenses and grows hemp locally out of its own state-of-the-art greenhouse facility. From seed to sale, and the technology in between, the company prides itself on scalable operations that can meet market demands now and in the future. Their mission is understanding the complexities of hemp and cannabis genetics to provide patients with a top tier product.