'Founders' Blend'

Artet Partners With Aster Farms To Launch Single Strain, Live Resin Cannabis-Infused Aperitif This Fall

Artet welcomes a new single strain, live resin batch of their iconic flagship aperitif – ‘Founders’ Blend’ – in collaboration with the California-based, sustainable cannabis company Aster Farms. ‘Founders’ Blend’ features Aster Farms’ Honeydew Funk live resin, derived from the cleanest sun-grown cannabis, which possesses a distinct plant flavor and delivers a uniquely euphoric effect.

‘Founders’ Blend’ live resin aperitif ($48/750ml bottle) combines Artet’s original seven botanical blend base, bearing bright citrus notes with the Honeydew Funk’s well-rounded indica dominant hybrid effects and fruity, earthy, sour, and piney tasting notes resulting in 5 mg of live resin per 50ml shot. The new aperitif is perfect over ice, with a splash of sparkling water and a twist, and for incorporating into inventive cocktails. The ‘Founders’ Blend’ will initially be available at a select group of California dispensaries including Farmacy Shops, Sweet Flower, Cornerstone Collective, Big Sur Cannabotanicals, The Pottery, and ONA.life, with a wider launch throughout the state this fall.

“Artet believes that delivering the cannabis plant in its purest form to our beverages is the key to creating the most enjoyable drink and ideal cannabis experience”, notes Artet co-founder Maxwell Spohler. “The ‘Founders’ Blend’ collaboration with our friends at Aster Farms is Artet’s latest endeavor to bring all the glory of sun grown cannabis to a bar cart near you.”

Artet’s ‘Founders’ Blend’ is the first single source strain-specific cannabis beverage on the market. The live resin process preserves as much of the plant’s components as possible in the transition from plant to extract. This is achieved by flash-freezing the flower immediately after harvest before extraction. By freezing the flowers immediately, more terpenes (DEF) are preserved, further enhancing the rich flavors, aromas, and effects of the plant.

“The ingredients and flavors resonate deeply with my Mediterranean heritage — it’s unlike any other canna-beverage on the market,” said Sam Campdonico-Ludwig, President of Aster Farms. “The team at Artet speaks a language of quality, personality, and inspiration. Our brands are similarly recognized for thoughtful leadership, product curation and incredible quality. This is a beautiful collaboration and an even more delightful drink.”

The global cannabis beverage market size is expected to reach 2.8 billion dollars by 2025, according to a recent study by Grand View Research, and is driven by increasing consumer demand for sophisticated drinking options that fall outside the realm of alcohol and the expanding legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Named by  MJ Insights as 30 Below: 12 Young Innovators Who Are Rocking the Cannabis Industry, Artet is an artisanal player at the forefront of this emerging industry in California, where infused beverage sales in September nearly doubled from a year earlier.  The ‘Founders’ Blend’, flagship aperitif and canned cocktails elevate cannabis into a format that can sit on anyone’s bar cart, creating a culture of cannabis mixology that reconceptualizes and expands the definition of what a cocktail can be.