The Parent Company Launches DELI Dimes in Three Affordable Flavors (CNW Group/TPCO Holding Corp.)

The Parent Company Launches DELI Dimes in Three Affordable Flavors

TPCO Holding Corp. launched of DELI Dimes, a new gummy cannabis product in three delicious flavors: Black Cherry, Fresh Watermelon and Red Berry.

The launch of DELI Dimes extends The Parent Company’s roster of approachable gummy products to consumers seeking flavorful options and an enhanced experience at an unbeatable price. DELI Dimes are delicious gummy rounds bursting with juicy flavors and 10mg of THC from 100% full-spectrum oil for a rich experience. A uniquely affordable option, each DELI Dimes pouch has a retail price of $14 and contains ten (10) sugar dusted gummies, for a total of 100mg THC per pouch.

Expanding on the brand’s first edible product line – DELI Nickels gummies, which launched in May of 2020 and immediately became one of the Company’s top-selling gummy brands – this latest offering provides double the THC in every piece, ensuring the brand can meet consumers at every stage of their cannabis journey. This product line expansion, which increases DELI’s flavor varieties and provides options for consumers looking for varied levels of THC, has The Parent Company poised to continue its growth in this category. Gummy candies ranked #1 in sales revenue among all cannabis edible form factors in 2020, with 59.2% of the market share.1 In 2021, to-date, the gummy category has been the largest and one of the fastest growing categories in edibles in California with an annual growth rate of 26% and 61% market share totaling up to $332M in revenue.2

“We are thrilled to grow our gummy portfolio with the release of DELI Dimes, a product born from customer feedback and demand, built on top of the success of DELI Nickels. The Parent Company is committed to providing high-quality and affordable cannabis products – across a variety strains and form factors – for consumers to enjoy,” shared Dennis O’Malley, COO of The Parent Company. “As we expand our presence in the gummy category, it is our mission to continue producing innovative, safe and reliable products that are formulated with the highest quality ingredients.”

At launch, consumers will have the opportunity to select from three delicious DELI Dimes flavors, all featuring effects driven by 100% full-spectrum oil extracted from indica, hybrid or sativa flower to meet their needs, no matter where they are in their cannabis journey. The flavors include: Black Cherry, an Indica treat featuring a tart taste of the orchard, Fresh Watermelon, a Sativa option bursting with flavors evocative of a fresh slice of summer sweetness and Red Berry, a berry sweet Hybrid gummy. To celebrate the launch of DELI Dimes, as well as the upcoming Halloween holiday, consumers who purchase the new gummy product at a Caliva store, through or via the Caliva app, will have the opportunity to try the newly launched, gummy rounds for only $10 per bag. The promotion begins on October 29 and will run through October 31, 2021.