Goodness Growth Holdings' new line of cannabis-infused gummies, Hi-Color. Hi-Color comes in three CBD:THC formulations and features 5 natural flavors!

 Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc. announced the launch of HiColor™ gummies and availability in Maryland through the Company’s wholesale and retail channels. The new line of cannabis infused edibles will be available in three formulations and five gourmet flavors.

“HiColor Gummies are an exciting addition to our growing portfolio of brands that are well positioned for both medical-only and adult-use markets,” said Harris Rabin, Chief Marketing Officer for Goodness Growth. “The extra strength 10mg THC and the balanced CBD:THC formulations help create desirable outcomes for every occasion. The delightful flavors used in HiColor Gummies were selected and developed by our edibles R&D team, led by Chef Michelle Mango. The colorful, streamlined packaging featuring a vibrant style creates a premium, flavorful feeling that matches the gummies themselves.”

HiColor Gummies are offered in 10 mg THC, 10:10 CBD:THC, and 5:5 CBD:THC formulations built  to meet the needs of a variety of cannabis consumers. At launch, the gummies are available in Key Lime, Concord Grape, Hawaiian Pineapple, Alfonso Mango, Oxnard Strawberry, and a variety pack. The gummies are vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and use only natural flavors.

The full brand launch of HiColor follows a soft, exclusive debut in November at select Maryland retailers. Hi-Color Gummies will be available this month at Goodness Growth’s Green Goods® retail locations in Baltimore and Frederick, Maryland, and other licensed dispensaries across the state.

Subject to regulatory approvals, the Company plans to expand the HiColor brand to other markets, including New York and Minnesota, which just announced the allowance of cannabis-infused edibles in the state’s medical cannabis program starting August 2022.