Sentient Brands Holdings Inc. Launches its “Oeuvre Skincare” Luxury Product Line

 Sentient Brands Holdings Inc. announced its launch of Oeuvre Skincare, a high-end collection of luxury bioactive skincare products, through the Company’s direct-to-consumer platform.

Oeuvre – “A Body of Art” – is a next-generation luxury skincare product line and lifestyle brand derived from the Company’s proprietary OE Complex: CBD + Gemstones + Bioactives.  Oeuvre Skincare products contain proprietary formulations of synergistically balanced luxury ingredients, combined with the Company’s rigorous commitment to formulating ‘Clean Beauty’ products without toxins, irritants, and unnecessary additives. Oeuvre Skincare products are non-toxic, ungendered, and contain zero GMO, retinyl palmitate, petroleum, mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, or synthetic colors. Product offerings under the Oeuvre Skincare product line include:

  • Purifying Exfoliator
  • Replenishing Oil
  • Ultra-Nourishing Face Cream
  • Revitalizing Eye Cream

For more information about the Company’s Oeuvre Skincare line of products, please visit:

“We are excited to launch Oeuvre, our breakthrough beauty and wellness-centric lifestyle brand, which we believe represents a unique opportunity as Oeuvre is positioned at the intersection of CBD, beauty and wellness in the luxury sector.”, said George Furlan, CEO & COO of Sentient Brands. Mr. Furlan continued, “Oeuvre has been developed by our team of seasoned industry veterans who have been instrumental in developing and launching world-class brands. Oeuvre’s initial launch is in North and South America with a planned global expansion, and additional future product line extensions and product drops intended, which we believe will continue to resonate with our customers.”

James Mansour, CMO of Sentient Brands, added, “After three years of development, we are delighted to announce the launch of Oeuvre – a brand that elevates skincare to an artform. We created Oeuvre out of a personal vision and commitment to our earth and our customers: all Oeuvre products are luxuriously clean and high-performing – using only safe, ethically and environmentally responsible ingredients. Every aspect of the process to create Oeuvre is suffused with our passion, artistry, and beneficial intentions.”