CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman Reaches New High With Medical Marijuana Sales

 CBD American Shaman, expanded into the medical marijuana industry through a subsidiary company, American Shaman Products, LLC, who is individually contracted with a Missouri licensed manufacturer. The American Shaman medical marijuana products are now available in all licensed Missouri dispensaries as of January 1, 2022, under the brand name THC American Shaman.

The new development in Missouri began early last year, with American Shaman Products, LLC working to meet the state’s licensing requirements for medical marijuana production and distribution through their contract with the license holder. The company already sells medical marijuana in Oklahoma through a subsidiary company and plans to continue scaling its THC business nationally just as it has already done with CBD.

With marijuana’s many evidence-based medical and therapeutic uses—such as helping to alleviate pain and nausea and manage symptoms of chronic illnesses—expanding its focus on CBD into medical marijuana is the next logical step for American Shaman as it continues exploring all that the cannabis plant has to offer. American Shaman’s goal to help people feel better remains the same, and this expansion is crucial to exploring all avenues to make that possible.

“We couldn’t be more excited to venture further into the cannabis industry,” said Vince Sanders, Founder and President of CBD American Shaman. “The cannabis plant has so much untapped potential, moving into medical marijuana just makes sense for us. We’re eagerly awaiting and hoping for federal legalization, and we’ll be ready to expand even more as soon as that happens.”

American Shaman manufactures all its products starting with farming and harvesting to extraction and packaging. The first medical marijuana products for sale in Missouri locations will include live resin vapes, nano-tech carmels, nano-tech vegan kosher gummies, nano-tech water-soluble oil, and 100% flower prerolls. The second wave of medical marijuana products soon to come to include concentrates, diamonds, bubble hash, moon rocks, nano-tech THC infused flavored seltzers, and topical creams. Sanders pioneered the use of nano-technology in the hemp industry, which makes all products fast-acting and more effective in a concentrated amount.