CANNECTED TV expands Global Distribution to XBOX, Samsung and LG CTV, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, and TCL Smart TV’s

CANNECTED TV, a cannabis streaming channel, is now expanding and will have distribution across gaming, televisions, mobile, and online devices for cannabis programming and advertising with shoppable content. CANNECTED TV is a destination platform for cannabis education through entertainment. It can be currently accessed via ROKU, Apple TV and IOS devices globally, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and online.

Along with the expansion to new distribution points, CANNECTED TV is also releasing new programming, an array of podcasts, and a direct-to-consumer digital marketplace called “Cannaguide” for cannabis, hemp, and CBD brands to educate consumers directly across mainstream outlets. The guide utilizes storytelling with QR codes and linkbacks to empower viewers with information and access to products and services while staying within local laws.

According to Kerri Accardi, President of 420MEDIA, “Having a platform that is designed to empower viewers and advertisers across mainstream outlets with premium content and a digital marketplace is a game changer! I’m ecstatic and grateful to be a conduit to the magical powers of plant medicine.”

New Programming and New Episodes on Tap

The channel will unveil several series in the next few months, including a one devoted to women in the cannabis industry called “Creating Herstory: Chronicles of Women In Cannabis”. Women in the industry are encouraged to submit their own stories for inclusion in the series. The channel will also be adding enhanced education, events, and livestream as well as multiple new podcasts premiering on June 15th along with two long form series releasing new episodes in June, they include:

“Nurse Talk” – Cannabis personality “Nurse Heather” Manus, RN introduces important topics about medical cannabis in conversations with medical professionals and patients.

“Faces of Cannabis” – A profile series featuring some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry including pioneers, patients, athletes, and the people building cannabis into a thriving industry.


CANNECTED TV is a destination platform for cannabis education through entertainment across television, mobile, gaming, and online devices. CANNECTED TV empowers people and businesses with answers and access to products and services across the globe. CANNECTED TV is supported by cannabis and television industry executives and content pioneers to bring mainstream digital capabilities to the industry. With its reputation for producing high-quality, engaging video entertainment, CANNECTED TV is empowered by 420MEDIA. Featuring the biggest names in the cannabis industry and able to reach viewers worldwide – more than 250 million streaming devices in the United States alone – the channel connects people to information, brands and products. For more information visit


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