Endexx Achieves Distribution Registration for Hemp and CBD Products in Key States With More Strict Requirements

Endexx Corporation has received hemp distribution authorization from four states – Louisiana, Alaska, Texas, and Iowa – which are known to have more detailed and strict requirements.

Todd Davis, CEO of Endexx, stated, “We have long been leaders in the CBD industry since 2014. As we have developed our products for a waiting market, we have also been extremely vigilant in ensuring that we complete each state’s licensing and compliance requirements to distribute our products.  In particular, Louisiana has long been considered one of the most challenging states to receive registration to distribute CBD products and we are grateful for their collaboration as we have worked closely to achieve this milestone, along with the registration in Texas, Iowa, and Alaska.  We continue to work diligently to achieve registration in all 50 states, all while carefully watching the changes federally.”

Endexx Corporation develops and distributes all-natural, plant-derived topical skincare products.  Its products vary from balms, creams, lotions, butters, masks, scrubs, and oils, all with the shared purpose of healthy skin and grooming wellness.  The science behind these products involves a decade of clinical research in the field and lab work to provide functional formulation with ingredients for optimal absorption and support of skin health.