CANNECTED TV Launches Holiday Special “High Holidaze: The Year Sativa Santa Was Born” On Christmas Day Across All Its Streaming Platforms

CANNECTED TV, a cannabis streaming channel with distribution across television, mobile, and online devices for cannabis programming and advertising is premiering a new holiday series on December 25, 2022. The network is unveiling its first episode of the “High Holidaze” featuring Santa (played by Dan Kemmis) who is overwhelmed with the demand for cannabis, CBD, and hemp products and services, that he doesn’t carry, doesn’t know anything about, and certainly doesn’t want to get in trouble delivering! When his Top Shelf ELF (played by Ngaio Bealum) shows up to console him he convinces Santa to embark on a journey to learn the truth about cannabis from pioneers, patients, farmers, and more. ELF reaches out to his buddy Tim Blake, the founder of the Emerald Cup to get some help while he puts a call out to brands to let them know “Santa is in the game and looking for them!” 

According to Kerri Accardi, President of 420MEDIA, “Our reason in creating this program is the help educate viewers about cannabis with the truth- the benefits as well as trials and tribulations in a fun and entertaining way. We are leveraging our platform to empower people and advertisers across mainstream outlets to ensure viewers get the information they need. In January 2023 we will launch “Cannaguide” a digital marketplace for cannabis, hemp, and CBD brands to educate and inform consumers directly in custom-branded channels. We are expanding cannabis brands’ presence from trade shows to TV!

The series explores legalization as the camera follows Santa from the Emerald Triangle to MJ Biz Con, the world’s largest conference for the cannabis industry with lessons throughout. Interviews include Swami Chaitanya (Swami Select), Tamara Kislak (that Good Good Farm) Jerry Munn (Fresh Cut Farms) Xochiti Selena Martinez (Operation Evac) Randy Lanier and Stacy Theis (Freedom Grow) Deborah Borchardt (Green Market Report) Dale Sky Jones (Oaksterdam) Hazey Taughtme (Black Cannabis Magazine) Jason Beck (High @9 News), Adelia Carrillo (Blunt Brunch ), Attorney Scherill Murray Powell (Justus Foundation), Julie Chiariello (Skunk Magazine) , journalist Rachelle Gordon, Dan Herer (Jack Herer brands) and many more!

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(Photo Credit: Michael Rosati)